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Oh, Oh, Oh Canada!

Oh, Oh, Oh Canada!

I’m a sucker for a tuxedo. Even better a lady tuxedo – or to use the technical term – Luxedo. I owned one that had wide leg pants with a satin stripe and a jacket with satin lapels and teeny tiny tails. #tuxedogoals I LOVE tuxedo t-shirts (and not in that I moved to Williamsburg in 2003, and my parents pay for my apartment kinda way). But then again, I wore fingerless lace gloves to prom. So, you be the judge. But far be it from me to act as if any style can upstage the ultimate trouser and tails combo – The Canadian Tuxedo.

Our neighbors to the north are known for many things – maple syrup, health care, moving out and leaving you with the rent (I see you, Sheila). But I think we can all agree that The Canadian Tuxedo – that denim on denim dream come true – is the most laudable of their achievements. I had to stop writing for a moment because I’m picturing Justin Trudeau in the ensemble. If you aren’t familiar (shame on you), The Canadian Tuxedo is wearing all jean, head to toe. Jean shirt tucked into jean pants with jean jacket? Bring. It. Word on the street says the term came about because a Vancouver hotel refused Bing Crosby entry for wearing jean on jean. And frankly, there are other reasons that Bing Crosby should’ve been refused entry everywhere, but this isn’t a political piece. (And by saying that, it becomes one. Look it up.)

For some people, Canadian Tuxedo is derogatory term. But to me, it’s a celebration of the best this timeless fabric has to offer. Who doesn’t want to envelope oneself in jean? Who doesn’t want to be an indigo icon? Who doesn’t want to say, I don’t feel like looking through my closet today and getting creative, let’s just wear jean? Not this lady. Not today. Not ever. So, join me, won’t you? You don’t have to be Canadian. Stay right there in Detroit and Derry and Dubai, and let the world see those baby blues!


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