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The Most Dangerous Denim

September 3, 2022

My Dearest Dark Wash, 

As much as I love you, I fear that I must leave. I dared not wear you, in case you might try to stop me. And so, I have left you folded in my drawer, to go on an expedition into the farthest reaches of civilization, to search for the ultimate prize. I am, along with other fashion lovers, in pursuit of the most elusive of denims. So elusive, in fact, I fear it may live only in our dreams, for that is where it haunts me nightly.

September 4, 2022

My Darling Dark Wash, 

We have set up camp in the Fashion District, in makeshift shelter – a place they call a hotel. I don’t know if we will survive the night, particularly with the lackluster room service. I feel a feverish desire for our prey – so pristine, so rare. Who can claim it? Will it be me? At all times, I think of the dangers – eating spaghetti with marinara sauce, drinking cranberry juice, getting one’s period! And yet, I long for this perfect specimen to be mine, to hang it as a trophy in my closet (or on a conveniently placed hook).

September 5, 2022

My Adored Dark Wash, 

Against all hope, it has happened! We have spotted White Denim! (I mean, we saw it. We didn’t stain it…yet.) A hush fell over our party as we gazed at its majesty, although a micro-influencer managed to shriek Oh. Em. Gee!, almost scaring it away. How can I describe its beauty? I dare say I haven’t the words. The blinding white, the perfect seaming, the go with anything flair! If I do not return to you, please know that I am happy at long last, in pursuit of a look that is only for the bravest among us, wearing White Denim and trying not to spill a latte or chimichurri, or rub up on the dirty side of a car. 

With All My Love,




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