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Change is good. 

And changing is good, too. Like when your friends make last minute plans to go to a party and drag you out of your pj’s to join or you just came from the gym and have dinner with a client or when you’re sick of wearing the same old thing. And the same old thing isn’t what you’re going to find at LBV. because, like we just said, change is good. You came to the right place for a style change.

This is the new LBV..

Don’t get us wrong, the old LBV was great. Better than great – we loved it. So, we decided to share the love. Why sit on the couch, watching awards shows, dying over what your fave celebrity is wearing? Why not wear what they’re wearing while practicing fake acceptance speeches, with a hairbrush for a microphone and a beer bottle for a statue? We can’t think of a single reason.

At LBV., we believe in #fashionforall. We want you to look your best without breaking the bank – or having to rob one. (The views of this author are not the views of the founders & leaders of LBV., who in no way condone the robbing of banks.) We believe in timeless style and lasting quality.

After all, it’s an immutable truth: You never stop getting invited to celebrate other people’s achievements. Good to know that dress you wore to that graduation last year still looks amaze for that baby shower this year. We believe in luxury pieces at affordable prices. After all, you deserve to stand out, whether it’s at work, at an event or at the club. (Do people still go to “the club”?) But most of all, we believe in wearable art. After all, you’re truly a piece of work. (The author is using the phrase “piece of work” in a positive, winky way. The founders & leaders of LBV. think you’re awesome.)



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