Joss & Elizabeth's Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Joss & Elizabeth's Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Tis the season to give as good as you get. And to guide your giving what’s better than—well—a gift guide?


Curated by Joss and Elizabeth, there’s something here for everyone on your list, and you might even be inspired to add a few names. Whether it’s wine, art, fashion, beauty or even a climbing bag you’re after, get poppin and get shoppin!


1. Cotton Candy Cowboy Puzzle


Artist Will Cotton "Cotton Candy Cowboy" Puzzle — $85


A personal friend of mine—this series is magical.



2. Fujifilm Intstax Square SQ20


Fujifilm Intstax Square SQ20 Instant Film Camera, black — $170


I own almost every type of Polaroid and have decided this is
my absolute fav. It's a digital and instant camera all in one. You
can edit the photo and even add filters before selecting to print.



3. Dalí. The Wines of Gala


Dalí. The Wines of Gala — $60


Wine and Salvador Dali — two greats that go great together in
this beautifully illustrated book, a manifesto in favor of taste and feeling.



4. Gucci Westman Brush Collection


The Brush Collection — $435


I've been a fan of this makeup brand for several months now.
I swear by her mascara. After purchasing the brush kit, I'm sold.



5. LBV Gold Cuff


LBV Gold Cuff — $2,800 for Members


This is the piece that started it all.



6. Wild Child Nutcracker Wrapping Paper


Nutcracker Wrapping Paper — $13


Love this wrapping paper. After having lived in Japan
for several years, I have a soft spot for customized stationary.



7. Studio Proba (Super) Heavy Blanket


The (Super) Heavy Blanket — $565


These beautiful blankets make the perfect cozy accessory for
at-home lounging. Designed in Brooklyn, handmade in India.



8. LBV Tote Bag


LBV Tote Bag — $1,400 for Members


You need a bag that can carry everything and look great doing it.



9. Eternal Nude Nail Polishes


Eternal 4 Collection, available in light or dark — $12


I love the range of shades this brand has for neutral polishes.



10. Before Easter After


Lynn Goldsmith. Patti Smith. Before Easter After.
Art Edition No. 1–100 ‘NYC, 1977’ — $565


Lynn is a friend and an iconic name in rock n roll photography.
Signed by both of these incredible artists.



11. Schott Zwiesel Sensory Glass by Roberto Conterno


Schott Zwiesel Conterno Sensory Glass — $90


Someone gave these to me as a gift, and I've already sent them to four other people!



12. LBV Black Feather Mini Dress


Crepe Mini Dress with Waved Seams and
Feathered Sleeve, Black — $2,796 for Members


Nothing is more festive than this dress. I want to dance every time I put it on.



13. Céla Essential Balm


Essential Balm Miracle Multi-Use Oil — $36


I try to keep one of these in my car and at my desk. It's a great balm for dry winters.



14. Byredo Mojave Ghost


Mojave Ghost Perfume, 50ml — $180


Picture yourself in the Mojave Desert – this scent will take you there.



15. LBV Carabiner Wrap Belt


Skinny Double Wrap Belt — $256 for Members


Love a wrap belt, even better with a carabiner clip for a buckle.



16. Michaela Erlanger's How to Accessorize


How to Accessorize: A Perfect Finish to Every Outfit — $10


Micaela has been a great collaborator with LBV, and her book
is a must for anyone who loves accessorizing.



17. Perfect Moment Star Suit


Women's Star Suit One Piece Pink Houndstooth — $780


One of my favorite brands for trendy winterwear.



18. Barney Kenet 24K Gold Serum


24K Gold Serum — $95


My doctor's skincare brand—this has real gold in it to give your
skin glow, and you can use it alone or as a makeup primer.



19. Cheree Berry Custom Cards


Custom Holiday Cards — Price Varies


LBV member Betsy G. is one of the people behind this
brand. The custom cards are unique and have a great sense of humor.



20. LBV Agate Embroidered Mini Skirt


Wool Mini Skirt with Belt and Embroidery — $1,116 for Members


Perfect day to night skirt.



21. Twinkly Icicle


Twinkly Icicle - 190 Lights, 16' — $240


NYC = ABC (Carpet & Home). If you're going to have sparkly lights, these look awesome.



22. Tufa Bartender


Bartender — $79


I love this small climbing gear company. Everything is great quality.
I use them all the time when I climb.



23. BIOLAGE Hydrasource Conditioning Balm


BIOLAGE Hydrasource Conditioning Balm— $30


I've tried every conditioner out there and always keep coming back to this one.



24. ONDA Coconut Milk Body Polish


Herbivore Coconut Milk Body Polish — $36


I love this site for clean, conscious beauty brands.
Gently exfoliate 2020 away and come out smelling like coconut!



25. Jenny Bird Mega Link Necklace


Mega Link Necklace — $295


This is a great chunky statement piece from designer Jenny Bird.



26. Donate to Libra Infancia


Libra Infancia Donation


I love LBV member Tatiana T's commitment to making the world a better place.
Her heart is 100% in this charity she's been working with for fifteen years.



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