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Fall Is Coming

LBV FALL 2022:


Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. A saloon girl, a private detective and a high-powered 80’s executive walk into a bar – What’s that? Why isn’t the saloon girl already IN the bar? Really? Ok, well, that’s not really the…OK. Because in this scenario it’s her day off, and she’s bringing her friends to visit her workplace. So there!

But let’s not quibble. That’s not the point. The point is, it’s Fall 2022 at LBV, and our favorite Creative Director and team have cooked up a super stylish brew that brings your favorite archetypes fast forward into the now. (Of course, we can’t reveal the recipe, but suffice it to say, it involves couture patterns from our vault and heaps of imagination.)

The Saloon Girl: 

You want a drink? Pour it yourself. She’s too busy looking fabulous in a gown with boning at the seams and ostrich feather detail. We’re in Corsetry Country, as far as the eye can see, with a nod to vintage western. Anyone a fan of velvet? There’s plenty here for the taking, in bows and belts. And what would an LBV collection be without our signature corset in velvet? Them’s fighting words. We made it in velvet! (For the love of God, please stop shooting the piano player.) Her favorite colors: electric purple, teal and of course, midnight black.

The Detective:

The only mystery here is what’s under her vegan leather trench. A vegan leather corset, of course-it! But for those nights when she has to infiltrate the Name of Any University Club and find out just how badly the boys have been behaving, the strapless vegan leather sheath dress with boning at the bustier will do the trick, if you will. And you will. That’s right – even more boning. And believe us, there will be even more boning in this look. Her favorite colors: of course, midnight black. OK, we’ll throw in some cognac. Because it’s a drink, too. 

The 80’s High-Powered Executive:

What was it Meg Ryan’s character said in Working Girl? “I have a head for business and a bod for sin.” Indeed, she does. Why shouldn’t she have it all? Believe us, she will, when she shows up to the boardroom in nipped waist dress with a v neck in the front and a slit up the back. That’s one way to close a deal. And when she shows up at the benefit in an asymmetrical column gown with a pleated floor length shoulder drape, checkbooks will open. And that might not be the only thing… Her favorite colors: Flame, flame and of course, midnight black.

The best part about Fall 2022? You don’t have to choose! Be the high-powered saloon girl in a with a boxy blazer thrown over your shoulders, the eighties detective in a thumb cut out bodysuit and twill suit pants, the detective executive in a high waisted velvet pants or a vegan leather midi skirt. It’s all ripe the picking, and it’s always all under $200. 

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