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And Then She Fell: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Shirley Twirly, Disco Diva

And Then She Fell:
The Unauthorized Autobiography of Shirley Twirly, Disco Diva

Hi Bookish Beauties! The much-anticipated unauthorized autobiography of everyone’s favorite disco diva finally has a release date for next year, and we couldn’t be more excited to grab the popcorn and hit the pages. Those in the know, know publication was held up because Shirley Twirly is suing herself for writing said tell all. Will she argue with herself by looking in a hand mirror in the courtroom? A girl can dream. We were lucky enough to get an advance copy and have a few juicy excerpts for you. As Shirley herself would say – May the light from the disco ball always bounce bright off your sequins! 


July 4, 1976

To Hell with the Bicentennial celebration!!! Who cares about some old white men without rhythm (besides my stepmom, that is, because my dad is stiff as a board)? Baby, baby, I’ve just discovered a sound that curls my hair. It’s called Disco, and it’s got a crazy beat and an even better look! Since I’m being FORCED to have family time, I put on my silver pleather hot pants, my roller skates with the silver pom poms, and my silver sequin top with the drape that flows in the wind, as I roller boogie down Main Street. All the rainbow colors of the fireworks are reflected in my tiny sequins. Someday, I’ll get out of this one horse – and then I fell. I scraped both my knees. If I had known I’d see my crush Jason the next day, I’d have been more careful about them. Wink wink!


May 2, 1977

You know that photo of Bianca Jagger on the white horse in Studio 54? Well, I should’ve been in that picture! It was her birthday, and Andy and I went together per usual, and Yanca (that’s what I called her) was like “Shirley Twirly? You better get up on this!” So, I did. I jumped up side saddle in my strapless sequin gown and raised both my arms in the air, and well, there’s a reason they call me “Flash Whore-don.” Damn you, Truman Capote! I reached down to put everything back where it belonged, and then I fell. Right off the horse. And wouldn’t you know it, that’s when the flashbulb went off. At least my sequins caught all the light.


December 12. 1977

Holy cannoli and woo-woo tiramisu, I just saw the greatest movie of all time. I went to the premiere of Saturday Night Fever. It’s a movie about discoooooooooooooo. Can you even believe it? The star is that hunk, John Travolta. (I don’t think we’re in Bensonhurst anymore, Barbarino!) I just went wild when I saw him dance. I jumped out of my seat in my silver sequin jumpsuit, and I started dancing along! Backlit by the projector, I sparkled like a thousand disco balls. After the premiere, we went to the strictly VIP party, and guess who walked over to me and said, “I love to watch you dance”? John Travolta! And then I fell…in love with him. I followed him to Hollywood, and we joined this amazing organization that really let me examine myself, you know? I really got clear. It didn’t work out with John – to this day I’m not sure why – but wow, did I have a great career in showbiz! 


Well, Bookish Beauties, there you have it – a little teaser to entice you. If it doesn’t make you want to read the book, it will definitely make you want to wear more sequins! xo

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